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1 Nephi 22:1-3.

"And now it came to pass that after I, Nephi, had read these things which were engraven upon the plates of brass, my bretheren came unto me and said unto me: What meaneth these things which ye have read?  Behold, are they to be understood according to the things which are spiritual, which shall come to pass according to the spirit and not the flesh?"

My first thought in reading this verse is to question the difference between Nephi and his brothers.  Why is Nephi so different from them?  What made him learn to connect with the Lord and made his brothers assume they could not?  Here is a young man who, like his brothers, probably had the typical Jewish training for boys.  They went to temple.  They were taught from a very young age the Torah, and the writings of the holy prophets.  They knew the language of the Jews and the underlying symbolism that is profound in their language.  This is just basic elementary education for Jewish men in that age.  So why are t…

The Beginning

Over the years, I have had many ask me how I came to know and understand sacred writings the way I do.  For more than a month now, I have had a thought come to me at least once each day.  This blog is a product of that thought.

The question that comes most often is something along the lines of "How did you get all of that from one little verse?  I didn't see any of that there!"

After more than a couple of dozen of requests that I walk others through my process until they understand it, I've decided this blog is the answer.  I'm going to post each day what my scripture study looks like, from beginning to end.  The thoughts I have, the questions I ask, everything.

With every study, I begin in prayer.  I ask that I will be able to be enlightened by the Holy Spirit as I study.  I ask that my eyes will see, my ears will hear, and my heart will understand that which the Lord has for me to learn this day.  I ask to be taught by the Holy Spirit and to be able to underst…